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Aerial Drone Filming and Video Production

We combine our specialism in FPV drones (First-Person-View) with more traditional methods of aerial and ground cinematography to continuously push the envelope of whats possible with video, bringing new facets of creative video production to the social & commercial advertising sector.

Got a project in mind? Need to know if it can be done?  We are a creative springboard ourselves...get in touch for a quick chat.


Core Principles





Pushing creative boundaries, especially with aerial cinematography, demands a high degree of robust planning and preparation. Our exceptional H&S record is testament to our 'safety-first' ethos which permeates through all projects regardless of size.

We listen to ideas and help develop strong and inspiring storyboards and treatments.  Combining our keen eye for composition together with our technical abilities allows us to add real value to our clients creative vision and deliver high quality results.

Underpinning everything we do is our professionalism and collaborative nature in achieving the common goal. We enjoy a high client retention rate which is testament to how we approach projects and how we interact with the wider production team.

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What we do

We offer a unique range of videography services, helping clients realise their ideas through creative thinking and doing

External FPV.gif

Cinematic FPV

The most demanding form of aerial work, requiring smooth and precise control.  Tap into many years of FPV experience and transform your next production with the very latest form of cinematography...


Aerial Photography

Imagery from a different perspective to use in marketing campaigns, construction project progression, 'topping out' ceremonies, estate / property marketing, and website / social media material...

Internal FPV.gif

FPV Drone Tours

Using the latest FPV drone technology to provide internal video tours like no other. Impressively small, fully ducted, and completely safe allowing us to capture angles like never before...

Sony FX30.jpeg

Ground Based Videography

Combining our specialism in aerial drone operations with ground based videography (and a well established network of freelance editors and VFX artists) to bring a fuller, more balanced production to life...

Showreel #8 Prestwold Full Aerial Rev 1_3.gif

Aerial Videography

Capturing smooth and cinematic aerial perspectives with the best sensors available for film makers & content creators.  Add that extra level of quality and perspective to your next film project or live event...

Live broadcast GIF.gif

Live Broadcast

Equipped with the very latest drone technology, we are now able to offer a specialist live broadcast service with a range of different aerial platforms, from FPV to more traditional drones...


What we use to capture it

We employ the very latest technology available to capture the very best quality video and image data in the safest possible manner. 


Very fast and very agile, cinematic drone designed for high speed and agility carrying the latest GoPro Hero 11. Payload up to 200g.

iFlight Evoque


Perfect for high risk locations with its sub-250g weight. Indoor and outdoor cinematic drone designed for precision and safety, carrying our 'naked' GoPro Hero 11

BetaFPV Pavo


Perfect for high risk locations with its sub 250g weight.  Outdoor cinematic drone designed for precision and safety carrying our 'naked' GoPro Hero 11

GepRC Smart35


Still a firm favourite amongst FPV pilots and for good reason...high quality, efficient workflow and known throughout the industry for capturing epic footage



4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera encoding Apple ProRes 422 HQ...the M3Cine has become the most versatile high end film making tool.  M4/3, 5.1k 60p, 12.8 stops DR, 10-bit D-Log

Mavic 3 Cine


Alongside its 1" sensor, the M3P gets closer to the action with its 70mm telephoto lens & 1/1.3-inch sensor. 20mp stills, M4/3, 5.1k 60p, 12.8 stops DR, 10-bit D-Log

DJI Mavic 3 Pro


Perfect for high risk, inner city locations with its sub 250g weight.  1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, 48MP RAW photos, Video resolution 4K@60p,

10-Bit colour

DJI Mini 3


Market leader and for good reason...Ocusync 3.0 has further opened up the possibilities for drones, especially in the live broadcast sector



Our cinelifter carrying our very own BMPCC 4k, providing the highest quality footage (also capable of carrying RED Komodo, Z-Cam, XT-3, Sony FS6...

iFlight Taurus x8


Our 7" Cinelifter specifically designed for use with our 'naked' Blackmagic 4k camera and the impressive ultra wide angle 7.5mm Laowa lens



Our 5" Cinelifter specifically designed for indoor use with our 'naked' Blackmagic 4k camera and the impressive ultra wide angle 7.5mm Laowa lens


BMPCC 4k.jpg

A well known and trusted brand throughout the film industry.  One of these on board an FPV drone brings the next level dynamic range and quality



The final result

The content we create provides a truly unique and captivating perspective, giving a film production the 'edge' and helping reinforce brands with engaging content.  Cineflow takes great pride in meeting and exceeding client briefs, adapting and adjusting to each client’s vision to produce exceptional aerial video and still content.