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Cineflow is a UK based CAA licensed drone business providing highly professional and reliable aerial cinematography drone services throughout the UK and Internationally.  With a specialism in FPV drone operations (First-Person-View), we are continually pushing the boundaries of aerial cinematography, bringing new facets of creativity to the production and television sector...Welcome to Cineflow.

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Core Principles





  We have undergone extensive training and examination to obtain an 'Operational Authorisation' from the CAA [Civil Aviation Authority].  Each and every project is thoroughly reviewed with specific risk assessments and flight plans developed to ensure all parties are aware of what is involved.

We hold a full and comprehensive Public Liability insurance policy with the UK's leading specialist commercial drone operation insurance company, which is expandable up to £10m if required. Insurance policy is compliant with EC785/2004 as per CAA regulations for complete piece of mind.

The objectives and project deliverables are clearly set out well in advance of the actual drone operation.  Extensive desktop surveys and a close dialogue with the client ensures the brief is met and exceeded every time. We have enjoyed a very high client retention rate which is testament to our professionalism.


What we do

We work closely with a broad range of clients offering a diverse range of aerial videography services, helping clients realise their brief and ideas through crerative thinking and "doing".  Below are the key services we offer.

External FPV.gif

Cinematic FPV

The most demanding form of aerial work, requiring smooth and precise control.  Tap into my many years of FPV experience and transform your next production with the very latest form of cinematography...


Aerial Photography

Imagery from a different perspective to use in marketing campaigns, construction project progression, 'topping out' ceremonies, estate / property marketing, and website / social media material...

Internal FPV.gif

FPV Drone Tours

Using the latest FPV drone technology to provide internal video tours like no other. Impressively small, fully ducted, and completely safe.  Capture striking visual content of new developments and leisure facilities...


Aerial Surveying

Chartered Surveyor (MRICS) and Licensed Drone Operator, a unique combination delivering the practical applications of drones; the inspection of buildings at high that are typically too difficult and expensive to reach...

Showreel #8 Prestwold Full Aerial Rev 1_3.gif

Aerial Videography

Capturing slow, smooth and cinematic aerial perspectives for film makers, online content creators, production companies and private clients.  Add that extra level of quality and perspective to your next film project...


Ground Based Videography

With the use of professional grade gimbals, cameras and lenses, we are able to supplement aerial footage with traditional ground based videography.


What we use to capture it

We employ the very latest technology available to capture the very best quality video and image data in the safest possible manner.  Our range of equipment ensures that we are able to operate in all locations and airspace types. 

iflight tuarus x8.jpg
iflight tuarus x8.jpg

Our cinelifter, coupled with our very own BMPCC 4k, providing the highest quality footage. (also capable of carrying RED Komodo, Z-Cam, XT-3, Sony FS6...

iFlight Taurus x8


Very fast and very agile, cinematic drone designed for high speed and agility. Payload up to 200g (i.e. GoPro, InstaOne R, Etc)

iFlight DC5

pavo 30.jpg
pavo 30.jpg

Perfect for high risk locations with its sub 250g weight.  Indoor and outdoor cinematic drone designed for high precision and safety with use of a "naked GoPro"

BetaFPV Pavo

DJI FPV system.png
DJI FPV system.png

The whole FPV suite is operated with DJI proprietary FPV system, which over the years has proved extremly reliable and robust

DJI FPV System

MP2 Plain_edited.jpg

Combined with the X5S gimbal, the i2 is still the most versatile high end film making tool.  M4/3, 5.2k 30p, 4k 60p, 12.8 stops DR, 12-BIT Raw, ProRes Codec

DJI Inspire 2

MP2 Plain_edited.jpg
MP zoom plain.jpg

A cinematographers favourite with its 1" hasselblad sensor. 1" CMOS, 20mp stills, 4K@30p, Bitrate 100Mbps, Dlog-M (10bit) Color, Codec H.265

DJI Mavic Pro 2

Mavic Mni 2 plain.jpg
Mavic Mni 2 plain.jpg

Perfect for high risk, inner city locations with its sub 250g weight.  1/2.3" CMOS, 12mp stills, Video resolution 4K@30p, Bitrate 100Mbps, Codec H.264

DJI Mavic Mini 2

DJI SR Plain.jpg
DJI SR Plain.jpg

Convenient and super bright. a perfect monitor. 5.5-inch built-in screen displays clear, bright images, even under challenging conditions

DJI Smart Remote

BMPCC 4k.jpg
BMPCC 4k.jpg

Combining the Taurus x8 cinelifter with a Laowa 7.5mm lens, the next level of FPV cinematography is born, capturing ProRes or DNG RAW.



The go-to GoPro for our standard productions with the iFlight DC5 drones.  Reliable, tough and high quality cameras gathering perspectives never seen before

GoPro Hero 10


A stripped down GoPro hero 8 (27 grams!).  Perfect for the BetaFPV Pavo drone to create a true sub-250 gram drone for high risk locations and shoots.

Naked GoPro Hero 8


The Go-To GoPro for "straight out the camera work" where speed is key - built in Hypersmooth ensures high quality stablisation

GoPro Hero 9


The final result...the Showreel

The content we create provides a truly unique and captivating perspective, giving a film production the 'edge' and helping reinforce brands with engaging content.  Cineflow takes great pride in meeting and exceeding client briefs, adapting and adjusting to each client’s vision to produce exceptional aerial video and still content.

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