Freefly MoVI M15

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Freefly MoVI M15


Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Handheld Camera Stabilizer
The MōVI M15 was designed for the most demanding cinema packages out there with no compromises made. Working with industry professionals, Freefly created a system ready to work with large pro cameras like the Sony F55 and ARRI Alexa M.


  • Majestic Mode
  • Dual Pan Tubes
  • Inverted Mode
  • Full Camera Cage
  • Professional Cinema Payloads
  • Simplified fully tool-less balancing
  • Inverted mode for more comfortable eye level camera angle
  • Quick release top handle to allow for rapid adjustment


  • Weight: 5.4lb / 2.47kg
  • Camera cage dimensions: 203mm(L) x 203mm(W) x 197mm(H)
  • Maximum payload: 15lb / 6.8kg with compatible camera / lens combinations


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Why Choose Freefly’s Movi M15?

  • The Movi M15 can fly up to 15lbs in weight allowing users to mount such cameras as – Sony F55, FS7, Arri Alexa M & Red Epic/Dragon, Canon c500, Canon c300, Canon c100, Canon 1DC & DSLR’s. The Movi M15’s increased payload also enables users to mount heavier lenses and more accessories than the Movi M10.
  • Freefly’s Movi M15 has much much clearance around a mounted camera. This prevents the risk of restricting cables and allows users to counter balance front heavy set ups.
  • The mounted camera is now surrounded by a full camera cage. This feature helps to reduce any visible shake and absorbs power from the Movi M15’s motors. This means a users can increase motor power to handle heavier camera set ups.
  • Freeflys Movi M15 is Extremely lightweight, carbon fiber build amounting to just under 5.5lbs.
  • The Movi M15 includes three different operational shooting modes. Standard mode, Top handle mode & Inverted mode for shooting at eye level.
  • The Movi M15 kit includes a remote control for a three man operational set up.
  • Freefly’s Movi M15 comes fitted with two battery ports. This enables the gimbal to be powered for twice as long or allows users to power cameras or accessories directly and provides a much cleaner finish.
  • Complete tool less balance
  • The Freefly Movi M15 has a quick release, ‘Toad in the hole’ mechanism, allowing the gimbal to be detached from it’s handle bars in seconds and mounted to a range of other devices.
  • State of the art Freefly Movi interactive Android software that allows users to auto calibrate the motor settings, fine tune the motor settings and adjust the Movi M15’s responsiveness to the users needs.  Plus many more features.


This is the leading the name in gimbal technology for a reason!