Intuitive Aerial Aerigon - Heavy Lift Multirotor Drone and UAV


Intuitive Aerial Aerigon - Heavy Lift Multirotor Drone and UAV


Rate listed is per day, excluding VAT. Contact us to enquire about hiring.

Heavy Lift Multirotor Drone and UAV capable of flying with Arri Alexa Mini, RED Cameras and Canon C500.


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Designed & built to an exacting specification, the  Aerigon is the worlds premier heavy lift drone & stabilised gimbal combination. Unlike the lighter UAS systems, our Aerigon is designed for heavier full sensor cinema cameras and lenses operated by experienced cinema professionals not hobbyists.

Intuitive Aerigon Heavy Lift Drone/UAV Features:

  • Superior payload capacity
  • 12 co-axial brushless motors - added redundanc
  • y Quick mount helicopter / gimbal
  • Designed to the highest standard of reliability and quality, ensuring it’s performance in any environment.
  • Fully articulated, 3 Axis stabilised gimbal

Please note: this is a specialist aircraft and will only be made available to operators who hold relevant certificates and experience. Please contact us for more information, or consider wet hire.

Available for Wet Hire

Cineflow is delighted to offer a white-label service. If you are facing a challenging project, or simply don't wish to fly yourself, you can hire our Cineflow Creative Team to fly this aircraft and conduct the operation for you. Please contact us to discuss this.