Freefly Alta 8 - Heavy Lift Multirotor Drone and UAV

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Freefly alta 8 1.jpg
ALTA 8 1.jpg
Freefly alta 8 1.jpg

Freefly Alta 8 - Heavy Lift Multirotor Drone and UAV


Rate listed is per day, excluding VAT. Contact us to enquire about hiring.

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Please note: this is a specialist aircraft and will only be made available to operators who hold relevant certificates and experience. Please contact us for more information, or consider wet hire.

Available for Wet Hire

Cineflow is delighted to offer a white-label service. If you are facing a challenging project, or simply don't wish to fly yourself, you can hire our Cineflow Creative Team to fly this aircraft and conduct the operation for you. Please contact us to discuss this.

ALTA 8 Details

The Freefly ALTA 8 expands the capabilities of the ALTA line of multi-rotors for our most demanding customers who want to carry the largest cinema payloads on the market. Unpack and be ready to shoot in under five minutes thanks to quick release top and bottom trays, swan-neck carbon booms and proprietary carbon propellers.

Confidently fly professional payloads weighing up to 20-pounds knowing that you are guided by the industry-leading SYNAPSE Flight Controller.* Capture cinematic aerial shots from any perspective with the ability to mount the MōVI on top.

Take your productions to the next level with the ALTA 8 and tackle each challenge you face as an aerial cinematographer head-on.

The ALTA 8 is a Ready-to-Fly system that includes:

  • ALTA 8 Multi-rotor
  • Pelican Case
  • Quick Release Top Handle
  • Inverted Landing Gear for Top Mounting Drone
  • Freefly ALTA App available for download

The ALTA 8 UAV comes fully assembled and includes all the necessary tools and accessories you will need to mount a MōVI and get it flying. The standard ALTA drone ships with a Quick Release Top Handle, Inverted Landing Gear, FPV mount plate, cables to connect your personal receivers and/or FPV system, and mechanical tools to disassemble & inspect your UAV.  

Not Included: The standard ALTA 8 drone configuration does not include a MōVI, batteries, a transmitter, receivers, the Aero Landing Gear (lower landing gear for flying a MōVI in the bottom mount configuration, pictured), or an FPV system. 

*Please consult the max payload chart in the ALTA 8 Aircraft Flight Manual for specific weight limitations.

Please note, pictured camera and MoVI gimbal is not included with this item.