DJI Inspire 2 - Cinema DNG & Apple ProRes


DJI Inspire 2 - Cinema DNG & Apple ProRes


Rate listed is per day, excluding VAT. Contact us to enquire about hiring.

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Please note: this is a specialist aircraft and will only be made available to operators who hold relevant certificates and experience. Please contact us for more information, or consider wet hire.

Available for Wet Hire

Cineflow is delighted to offer a white-label service. If you are facing a challenging project, or simply don't wish to fly yourself, you can hire our Cineflow Creative Team to fly this aircraft and conduct the operation for you. Please contact us to discuss this.

DJI Inspire 2 with X5S details

The Inspire 2 mounted with X5S camera has micro 4/3 sensor and has a dynamic sensor of 12.8 stops. It also supports up to 8 M4/3 lenses and has focal lengths ranging from 9mm-45mm. Additionally, the X5S is capable of recording 5.2K video in CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes. The X5S camera is also designed to support continuous DNG burst shooting at 20fps with 20.8MP images.

Our Inspire 2 comes with the Cinema DNG and Apple ProRes license unlocked and ready to shoot. 

The Inspire 2 is even more intelligent than its predecessors with both forward, upward, and downward sensors. It can detect obstacles up to 30 meters ahead, providing a safe flight. Because of the amazing obstacle avoidance features, the Inspire 2 is also able to create a real time map as it flies, allowing it to return to home safely and accurately. Even if transmission is lost, the Inspire 2 is able to find its way home when return to home is enabled.

The Inspire 2 comes with a powerful tracking mode called Spotlight Pro. The Spotlight Pro mode was designed to lock onto a subject during flight, no matter where your drone is flying. This allows even single pilots to get advanced and unique shots.

Spotlight Pro has two shooting modes. With quick mode, just select an subject and begin tracking. With composition mode you can select both a subject and and a tracking position. Using these modes will give you the amazing shots you need.

In addition to Spotlight Pro, the Inspire 2 has other intelligent flight and shooting modes to make tracking a breeze.

The Inspire 2 can fly up to 58mph and the controller is sensitive, making delicate maneuvers safe and easy. With the use of Lightbridge technology, the Inspire 2 has a transmission distance of 4.3 miles and is capable of delivering 1080p video. The Lightbridge technology also gives the Inspire 2 the ability to send the FPV view to the pilot and camera operator. You can also switch between  2.4 and 5.8Ghz for greater stability. The Inspire 2 also has the ability to broadcast live video.

You can also count on the Inspire 2 for a reliable and safe flight. The Inspire 2 has dual batteries, which means if one battery goes bad, the other will be good long enough for a safe landing. The flight control system also ensures accurate flight data and can minimise the risk of collisions.

Includes but rental is not limited to

  • DJI Inspire 2

  • 2 x Controllers (Master & Slave)

  • X5S Camera

  • Cinema DNG & Apple ProRes license

  • 3 x pair of batteries

  • 2 x 240GB SSD

  • 1 x CineSSD Station