Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM


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  • High performance, L series telephoto zoom lens 
  • f/2.8 aperture for low light performance 
  • 4 stop Image Stabilizer 
  • Fluorite and UD lens elements 
  • Improved durability 
  • 1.2m minimum focussing 
  • Water and dust resistant 
  • 8 blade aperture 
  • Ring type USM AF motor 

The essential lens for sports, wildlife or portraits

L series Quality
As the most popular lens of many professional photographers, the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM matches Canon's highest standards of L-series optics, build quality, reliability and operability. An improved robust construction includes dust and moisture resistant seals to protect against harshest weather conditions.

Fast aperture 
With a fast /2.8 aperture shooting in low light conditions is possible. This high speed aperture can also be used to ensure a shallow depth of field making the subject stand out against a cluttered background. 

Image Stabilizer 
Featuring Canons 4-stop Image Stabilizer (IS), making the lens ideal for low light conditions when a tripod cant be used. The Image Stabilizer system allows shutter speeds of up to 4 stops slower than normal to be used without causing image blur. 

Fluorite and Ultra low dispersion (UD) lens element for the highest image quality 
Featuring a lens element made from Canons unique high performance Fluorite, chromatic aberration is minimised. As well as the use of Fluorite, 5 UD elements are also used to ensure excellent image quality, high contrast and natural colour reproduction throughout the zoom range. 

Beautiful background blur with 8 blade circular aperture 
Thanks to a circular 8 bladed aperture, beautiful background bokeh is possible, isolating subjects at wide apertures.

Fast silent auto focus 
Using a ring type USM (Ultrasonic Motor) and new AF algorithm to drive the high speed auto focus with ultra quiet operation. Full time mechanical manual focus override is also available without having to switch out of AF. The minimum focusing distance has been reduced to 1.2m allowing photographers to stand closer to the action. 

The lens is supplied as standard with the ET-87 lens hood to prevent glare affecting images, as well as a removable tripod mount and the LZ1326 soft case for easy transport.