Take a Virtual Tour!

In March, Aerial Motion Pictures exhibited at The Photography Show and had the fantastic opportunity to speak all things Drone during some of our talks. Also, Cineflow had a slot on the Tuesday afternoon to talk about Virtual Tours. This is a technology that's been around for about 10 years now but is finally becoming big and exciting again thanks to the revolution and demand for Virtual Reality content.

The accessibility of 360 rigs such as the GoPro Omni, open up new ways to easily capture 360 images and using specialised software, turn them into fully interactive tours.


How do Virtual Reality (VR) Tours work?

Quite simply actually; we can embedd the self contained filed structure from our tour software and embed them into our websites making them instantly accessible on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and on VR headsets such as Oculus, HTC Vive and Galaxy VR. You no longer have to know how to code a whole website, using a simple iframe we can easily embed the site or simply have a hyperlink to the full tour.

How long do they take to produce?

How long is a piece of string is the usual answer, but quite simply we have turned around a 26 piece tour in just under 24 hours for The Photography Show. The brief was to shoot the images before they opened to the public and have to tour available to watch by the next day. By having all our available work stations at the hotel nearby we were about to fulfill this brief!

This was shot using the GoPro Omni as we did not have the available time to shoot the Panoramic photos using a DSLR pano head. Also the benefit of using the Omni allowed us to show off all the exhibitors at their stand.

Why do I need a Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tours are great for showcasing property, museums, venues, holiday parks, exhibitions...the list is endless. If the end product will allow the user to see the location before they visit this not only saves them a needless visit (this meeting space wont be big enough!) but it might save them money (ruling out which property to actually look at).

How much do they cost?

This will inevitably come down to how many images need to be processed, does it contain videos, images, hyperlinks, information points, floormaps, these all take time to implement.

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