Aerial Surveying

The practical side of drone operations, inspecting hard to reach areas

Combining my chartered status as a building surveyor (MRICS) with my license to conduct commercial drone operations, I am able to offer unique all encompassing aerial surveying service for the inspection of high level buildings that are typically too difficult and expensive to reach.  One of the major advantages of drone surveys is its versatility and comparatively low cost.

As a chartered building surveyor myself, I do agree there is no better place to be then right in front of the object being surveyed, however drones are able to capture data quickly, safely and is completely non intrusive.  In many cases, drones can be used as a complementary service alongside more traditional surveying methods.  Please contact me for a free consultation on any projects you have in mind.


Coupling the aerial surveying service with a drone that has an integrated Radiometric FLIR® Thermal Sensor allows me to offer a very bespoke and specialist service to an equally specialist client base, from estate management (allowing them to assess significant heat losses within a building, to helping them compile robust grants) to very specialist applications such as search and rescue, early warning fire assessments and even providing a live broadcast of existing fires which the fire service can use for risk assessments etc.

Multiple Display Modes (FLIR MSX™, Infrared & Visible Light), combined with a widely adjustable parameters (for emissivity & reflective surfaces) allow for a wide range of data to be recorded, but perhaps more importantly it allows for 'irrelevant data' to be discarded in the way for more useful thermal data.