About Cineflow

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My USP is me! 

Hello!  Thank you for taking your time to find me!  I'm a licensed and experienced FPV drone pilot and drone operator working throughout the UK providing a diverse range of aerial videography and photography services.  Please peruse the services offered and the examples given within my website, all of which are my very own work and material.  Please pop across to my contact section and drop me a line if you know of a project that would benefit from my aerial videography skills and style.  I'm creative by nature and would prove an excellent springboard to bounce ideas off of.

Drones and me: Licensed to carry out Commercial Operations (under an Operational Authorisation from the CAA, license number EUAS 10048) and the owner of quite a few drones, some more tricky to fly than others.  The perspective drones give whether FPV (First Person View) or by conventional drone is incredible.  Please see my showreel page for some of my most recent work.  If my portfolio has sparked an idea on a project you have in mind, please contact me, I would happily assist.

Photography and me: Continuously looking for simple but effective compositions, some abstract, and some with context.  I have been fortunate to capture many photos from around the globe and display them here on this website for everyone to see!  I like to think my photography isn't too pretentious, more relaxed and candid whilst retaining a deep and meaningful purpose.  I solely rely on being there at the right time and taking the opportunity whilst it presents, I have never once 'set the scene' as very often the composition opportunity disappears if you wait too long, particularly in travel photography!  The technical principals of photography has proven very useful and transferable when offering professional 'dronography' services.

Architecture and me:  A chartered building surveyor by trade, with a keen eye for aesthetically pleasing architecture.  My travel photography and drone flying styles lend itself well to my area of work and modern architecture.  Fly-through's, Fly-overs, and production of photography 'stills' of modern architecture are my favourite type of project as it can really bring to life the heavy investment that property and construction is. 
Rule of Thumbs: Simplicity is Genius.  Portrait over landscape.  16:9 or 4:3 battle still ongoing.  'Rule of thirds' rule, end of (well most of the time)!  Below 1/40 is risky.  180-degree rule critical.  Above 1600 ISO is asking for trouble.  Nothing wrong with semi auto modes (in fact, without it, many of the photos on here wouldn't exist).  It's got to be level.  Greatest piece of advice I can give to get good photos - walk around, the compositions will come.  Be careful with parallel projection (I wish I could afford a tilt shift lens!).  If it isn't precise then there's not point doing it (Capricorn thing I'm told).  Conversely, go against the Capricorn desire for perfection.  Try and be as sustainable and responsible as possible.  Apply the 'travelling salesman algorithm' as much as possible.  The best focaccia bread comes from Lucca, Italy.  When in doubt, flat out (Colin McRae).  Finally, Just 'Send It'!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it! 

Thanks, Luke